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Tom Judd

As someone with busy schedules and productivity goals to meet, I love being able to get the main takeaways from books in just a few minutes. It helps me stay on track and still stay engaged with great literature. Thank you for creating this amazing app!

Wizdom provides bite-sized key insights from the world’s top books, podcasts, and courses in both audio and text format, helping you learn and grow personally and professionally, even on the go.

Wizdom app allows users to:


  • Read & listen to 15-minute key insights from the world’s top books, podcasts and courses, available as both text and audio, performed by professional voice actors
  • enjoying daily insights & widgets that motivate
  • Track their learning progress and earn rewards
  • Get personalized recommendations and challenges to boost their progress
  • Access curated collections based on their preferences, and
  • Learn with the spaced repetition feature to easily remember facts and insights.
Our app keeps your growth up-to-date by adding new book summaries, podcasts, and courses every day. All to satisfy your curiosity and ensure you stay up-to-date with your learning goals.
Yes, and no. To put it simply, the Wizdom app does offer a free tier with access to 1 daily book summary. However, if you want unlimited access to all books, podcasts, and course insights, you’ll need a premium subscription. While there is a cost associated with the premium tier, it’s designed to be less than the price of a single book per month, potentially offering more learning content for a lower price. You can also try the premium features for free with a 5-day trial.
Yes. You can submit your book suggestion via the contact us form or write to us at, and we will add it to our database.
Challenges on the Wizdom app cater to a variety of interests and goals, offering something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for personal growth in relationships or career development, or simply want to tackle fun lifestyle challenges, you’ll find something to engage you.

While the Wizdom app doesn’t offer direct podcast playback, it does provide two interesting alternatives:

  1. Curated audio insights: Instead of listening to the entire podcast, you can access key insights in audio format. This can be a great way to quickly grasp the main points without investing a lot of time.

  2. Links to original podcasts: If you’re interested in diving deeper, Wizdom provides links to the full podcasts on other platforms. This allows you to easily switch to your preferred podcast app and enjoy the complete episode.

Overall, while not a true podcast player, Wizdom offers two alternative ways to engage with podcast content: bite-sized audio summaries for convenience and direct links for deeper dives.

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