Subscription policy

Last updated: February 14, 2024

  1. Free Trial for Wizdom:

Wizdom’s free trial allows users to experience its full range of services without charge for a specified period. Upon signing up, users get immediate access to all features. The trial automatically transitions to a paid subscription at the end of the trial period, unless the user cancels at least 24 hours before the trial’s expiration. This automatic conversion is part of Wizdom’s subscription model, designed to provide uninterrupted service. Users are advised to keep track of the trial period’s end date to make timely decisions about continuing or canceling their subscriptions.

  1. Subscription

Subscription for Wizdom: Wizdom’s subscription model features an auto-renewal system. When a user subscribes, they choose a specific duration for the subscription, such as weekly, monthly, or yearly. The subscription will automatically renew at the end of each chosen period. To avoid automatic renewal and subsequent billing, users need to cancel their subscriptions before the current period ends. This setup ensures uninterrupted access to Wizdom’s services but also requires users to be mindful of their subscription status and renewal dates.

  1. Payment Method for Wizdom: 

When users subscribe to Wizdom, they are required to provide a valid payment method, such as a credit card or a digital wallet. At the time of purchase, the subscription fee is charged to this payment method. By subscribing, users authorize Wizdom to make these charges for the subscription term they select. This authorization continues for each auto-renewal until the subscription is canceled. Users need to ensure their payment method is valid and has sufficient funds to cover the subscription cost.

  1. Cancellation for Wizdom:

Subscribers to Wizdom have the option to cancel their subscription at any time. Canceling stops future billing cycles but does not immediately end access to the service. Access continues until the end of the current billing period. It’s important to note that simply deleting the Wizdom app from a device does not cancel the subscription. Users must actively cancel through their account settings or the platform where the subscription was initiated to effectively stop future charges.

  1. Fee Changes for Wizdom:

Wizdom reserves the right to modify its subscription fees. In the event of a fee change, Wizdom will provide advance notice to its users. This notification may be delivered through various channels such as email, in-app notifications, or updates on the Wizdom website. Users who do not wish to accept the new fees have the option to cancel their subscriptions before the changes take effect. This policy ensures that users are well-informed about any pricing adjustments.

  1. Refunds for Wizdom:

The refund policy for Wizdom subscriptions varies based on where the purchase was made. For subscriptions acquired through the App Store or Google Play, users must request refunds directly from these platforms, following their specific guidelines. For purchases made on Wizdom’s website, the refund policy is outlined in Wizdom’s Terms and Conditions. Users should refer to the respective platform’s support page for detailed instructions on requesting refunds.

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