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Hiring Great People

Publishing Year: 1999
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"Hiring Great People" written by Kevin C. Klinvex is a comprehensive guide that offers valuable insights and practical advice on recruitment. This book is filled with techniques and strategies to help companies attract and retain top talent, with a focus on the importance of finding the right people for the job. Klinvex's expertise in the field of recruitment shines through in this informative and engaging read.

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"Hiring Great People" by Kevin C. Klinvex is a comprehensive guide for business leaders and hiring managers on how to identify, attract, and retain top talent. The book provides practical strategies and techniques for creating effective job descriptions, conducting interviews, and making successful hiring decisions. Klinvex emphasizes the importance of understanding the desired competencies and cultural fit for each position, as well as the significance of leveraging technology and social media in the recruitment process. The book also offers insights into managing the onboarding process and creating a positive workplace environment to help new employees thrive. Overall, "Hiring Great People" is a valuable resource for individuals looking to improve their hiring practices and build high-performing teams.

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Hiring Great People Book Cover
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Hiring Great People by Kevin C. Klinvex was published in 1999.

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