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Dream Big

Know What You Want, Why You Want It, and What You're Going to Do About It
Book by: Bob Goff
Publishing Year: 2019
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What’s inside

In life, we often have dreams and ambitions but most of us let them go for things that don't really matter. We often look at others and wonder how it must be to be in their shoes. It is not that we want their lives, but their ability to live their dreams. In this insight, we will learn all about achieving goals and dreams. We will learn how to deal with negative emotions and all those barriers in our path to success. Achieving dreams requires dedication, devotion and focus. We shall learn more about them in this insight.

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Lesson 1- How to achieve your dreams?

We often wonder why some people achieve so much with their lives while others don’t. One person starts with no money, some terrible circumstances, and seems to be the happiest, most fulfilled and self-aware person you’ve ever met. Another person is born in an affluent condition, and has endless apparent opportunities, and yet they lead a sad, self-absorbed, meaningless life. Some people seem to move from success to success, while others seem to be stuck in a loop of pain, sadness and distress. Some people also have a vibrant faith that is taking them places, while others believe the same things just as much but seem stuck struggling with their beliefs and how to reconcile them with their lives. Faith can shape our worldviews and play a big part in our ambitions. Achieving your ambitions isn’t going to come easy, and it will come at a price. You will have setbacks along the way so stay on the course anyway.

Relationships play a big role too. Some people are easy to connect with. If you want to achieve great things, find a couple of these people to do life with. Also, find a couple of difficult people to engage with love and kindness. Don’t make them projects; make them friends. This is where you’ll grow. So surround yourself with people who love you well.

Knowing oneself and finding joy in the personal set of gifts, abilities, and desires can lay a significant role in success. Do not compare your abilities and ambitions to anyone else’s. Figure out what you want and why you want it. Set aside time for personal reflection about who you are, why you think what you think, and why you do what you do. Try to attain clarity- it is rare, beautiful and unstoppable. Aim for this in your life and you will find great joy. 

Do not compare yourself with others. It is a terrible thing to do and you are bound to fail if you fall into the trap of comparison. Appreciate who you are, in your success and even in your failures. Failure is a part of life so resist the tendency to be discouraged by what happens to you. What you do next will matter more and will define who you really are. We get to start afresh so have faith in your ability to make big things out of smaller ones. Who you were before matters less than who you will become, so strive to be a better version of yourself.

Lesson 2- Importance of acceptance

Pursuing your ambitions needs to start from a

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About the author

Bob Goff Image

Bob Goff is the author of the New York Times bestselling Love Does; Everybody, Always; Dream Big, and Love Does for Kids. Bob’s greatest ambitions are to love others, do stuff, and, most importantly, hold hands with his wife, Sweet Maria Goff, and spend t...

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Dream Big Book Cover
Chapter List
  • Lesson 1- How to achieve your dreams?
  • Lesson 2- Importance of acceptance
  • Lesson 3- Be there for others
  • Lesson 4- Clarity is a much-appreciated trait
  • Lesson 5- Flexibility is an important ingredient
  • Lesson 6- Importance of being clear and specific
  • Lesson 7- Quitting can be a good thing
  • Lesson 8- Time for Action
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In the summary of Dream Big book, there are 8 key lessons. These lessons include:

  1. Lesson 1- How to achieve your dreams?
  2. Lesson 2- Importance of acceptance
  3. Lesson 3- Be there for others
  4. Lesson 4- Clarity is a much-appreciated trait
  5. Lesson 5- Flexibility is an important ingredient
  6. Lesson 6- Importance of being clear and specific
  7. Lesson 7- Quitting can be a good thing
  8. Lesson 8- Time for Action

Dream Big by Bob Goff was published in 2019.

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