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Get the Guy

Publishing Year: 2013
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A self-empowering dating book about how to be the best version of yourself. The author explains dating is not about playing games but finding the right person who just fits you. From approaching the guy to establishing emotional intimacy, to bedroom tips, this book covers it all.

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Lesson 1. Introduction


Through this book, Matthew Hussey aims to help women find lasting love. He does so by revealing the inner secrets of male thinking and basic principles of dating and mating. Unlike the other books out there, this book teaches you what you can do instead of what not to do. This book provides women with clear, honest, and practical advice to help them find the ideal man and how to keep them.


Further in the book, he talks about how important it is for a woman to believe that she is of 'high value'. He encourages women to understand their own needs and wants and be clear with them. He teaches you how to present yourself in a way that the guy finds you attractive and a deep emotional connection. Throughout the book, he has explained everything through appropriate practical examples to understand them better.


He urges women to change their existing habits and mentalities. Someone who has had a bad experience earlier may feel scared to open up to new opportunities in life to meet new people. Matthew strictly advises to change such an attitude and meet as much as many new people as possible.


Every human being desires a satisfying and mutually fulfilling romantic relationship. Matthew Hussey’s book ‘Get the Guy’ enables every woman reading this book to have it.

Lesson 2. Find the Guy.


In this book, Hussey contradicts the Hollywood romantic comedies, Disney movies, and other fairy tales which show that girls should wait until their prince charming shows up. They think this will happen in some way, or the right person will pop out of nowhere. According to him, most women meet very few men. Instead of harnessing this mentality, he wants the women to establish a lifestyle where they give as many men as possible a chance.


Learning to create a conversation everywhere you go is the key here. He proposed an old strategy around the field of social improvement, that is, to say yes to every invite, every time.


Next important point is, being a woman of high value. Women need to understand, as much as they’re looking for a man of high value, men are looking for a woman of high value too.


The author says, “high value” differs from person to person whereas certain traits are fixed. Those are.

  1. Self-confidence.A confident woman is always attractive, she believes in herself and knows what she wants. Whereas an uncertain woman always does things to please others.
  2. Independent. Being economically and emotionally independent is

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About the author

Matthew Hussey Image

Matthew Hussey, a renowned dating coach and author, empowers individuals in love and relationships. Through books, seminars, and media appearances, his practical advice on dating and personal development resonates globally. Hussey’s expertise in commu...

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Get the Guy Book Cover
Chapter List
  • Lesson 1. Introduction
  • Lesson 2. Find the Guy.
  • Lesson 3. Get the Guy.
  • Lesson 4. Keep the Guy.
  • Lesson 5. Conclusion.
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In the summary of Get the Guy book, there are 9 key lessons. These lessons include:

  1. Lesson 1. Introduction
  3. Lesson 2. Find the Guy.
  4. Lesson 3. Get the Guy.
  6. Lesson 4. Keep the Guy.
  8. Lesson 5. Conclusion.

Get the Guy by Matthew Hussey was published in 2013.

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