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She Comes First

Genre: Sex, Romance
Book by: Ian Kerner
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There are millions of women who are not fully satisfied with their partners around the world. Imagine the tragedy! Well, if you want to know about the techniques to give your female partner the best time of her life, keep reading this insight. You will find, not so secret, a method that will boost your sex life by a long shot.

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Lesson 1 

The consensus is that cunnilingus is a very significant act of making a woman have an orgasm. How well a man can use his tongue is what turns on and makes it an unforgettable pleasurable moment for any woman. Sex is not just about intercourse; it is about foreplay or the outer course. 

Studies show that nearly three-fourths of men last only a few minutes, whereas women need at least 15 minutes to reach an orgasm. Several studies have also concluded that on average, men sustain the penetrative thrusting for about two and a half minutes. Cunnilingus is not just a part of the foreplay; it is a process. It is a process that is all about producing women's orgasms through oral techniques. The problem is that women, in general, know a lot more about sex and pleasure than most men. Studies reveal that women learn about sex from a wide range of sources like peers, books, magazines and so on. Men, on the other hand, rely heavily on porn. And we all know how misleading porn actually is. 

Premature ejaculation is a serious concern for men. It is mostly due to poor masturbation habits. In their teens, males learn to do it quickly which gets hardwired into them. And later, when they engage in sexual acts, they seem to rush to climax, which is totally wrong. This is where cunnilingus can save the day; for both sexes.

There is one right way for cunnilingus. It all varies from person to person. But the general idea remains the same- that is pleasure. Some people refer to oral sex as mouth music. It is about rhythm and flow. There is technique and you need to encapsulate it with your imagination. We shall learn more about these in the upcoming lessons of this insight. 

Lesson 2

There is a saying "Ladies first." We must take it in the literal sense when it comes to sexual pleasure and satisfaction. It is old-fashioned chivalry that can go a long way. It is not fair for men to have an orgasm before a woman has had her share of the pleasure. Studies have shown that male orgasm is easier to achieve than female ones. It is called ejaculatory inevitability. The female orgasm is a more complicated affair and often takes much longer to achieve during a session of sexual activity. In particular, her first orgasm is the most difficult to accomplish, requiring persistent stimulation, concentration, and relaxation.

The 1994 Sex in America Survey that men reach orgasm during intercourse far more consistently than do women, and that

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She Comes First Book Cover
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