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Super Service

Seven Keys to Delivering Great Customer Service
Publishing Year: 1999
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Super Service, written by Val Gee and Jeff Gee, is a book that aims to help businesses improve their customer service and overall customer experience. The book provides practical strategies and insights on how to create a service-oriented culture within an organization, and how to consistently deliver exceptional service to customers. The authors argue that in today's competitive business environment, providing superior customer service is a key differentiator that can set a company apart from its competitors. They offer real-life examples and case studies to illustrate their points, and provide actionable advice on how to engage employees, empower them to deliver outstanding service, and create long-lasting relationships with customers. The book emphasizes the importance of understanding and meeting the needs of customers, and provides a roadmap for building a customer-centric organization. It also explores the role of technology in improving service delivery, and how companies can use it to enhance the customer experience. Overall, Super Service is a comprehensive guide for businesses looking to elevate their customer service to new heights and create a loyal customer base. Through its practical advice and real-world examples, the book offers valuable insights for companies of all sizes and industries to create a service culture that stands out in the marketplace.

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Super Service Book Cover
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Super Service by Val Gee and Jeff Gee was published in 1999.

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