The Weightless World Book Cover

The Weightless World

Strategies for Managing the Digital Economy
Genre: Strategy
Book by: Diane Coyle
Publishing Year: 1999
Read:42 Views
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"The Weightless World" by Diane Coyle explores the concept of weightlessness in the modern economy, where physical goods are no longer the primary drivers of wealth and value. Coyle discusses how digital technology and intangible assets have changed the way we view and measure economic activity, and how this shift has far-reaching implications for businesses, governments, and individuals. She argues that traditional measures of economic output and productivity are no longer sufficient in a weightless world, and proposes new ways of thinking about and managing the economy in light of these changes. Through case studies and analysis, Coyle provides a thought-provoking look at the challenges and opportunities of the weightless economy.

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The Weightless World Book Cover
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The Weightless World by Diane Coyle was published in 1999.

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