Feeling Played? Turn the Tables with These 50 Books About Manipulation!

Want to decode people and situations like a pro? This curated list of 50 books about manipulation might be your perfect guide. Going beyond the dark side, these books delve into the ethical applications of manipulation tactics, equipping you with tools for business success, personal influence, and even self-defense.

Feeling Played? Turn the Tables with These 50 Books About Manipulation!

Ever feel like you’re being played by your own devices? Recommendations mysteriously morph into “must-haves,” and your carefully curated online life feels less like you and more like someone else’s agenda. Well, guess what? You’re not alone!

Manipulation, both subtle and blatant, lurks everywhere be it in the virtual or real world. But wait, it’s not always evil! Sometimes, it’s simply business and convenience, like in sales and marketing (think persuasive influencers). The key is knowing how it works, whether you’re curious about the “magic” behind some people’s dominant influences or have ever felt manipulated yourself.

This curated list of 50 books about manipulation is here as your guide and protector, to unveil the secrets of manipulation and empower you to recognize its tactics. Learn to turn the tables, whether it’s navigating tricky negotiations or simply protecting yourself from unwanted influence.

This list of 50 books about manipulation isn’t a boring collection of psychology textbooks!

  • Thrillers: Dive into chilling tales like “Gone Girl” and “Mexican Gothic” where manipulation takes center stage.
  • Classics: Uncover timeless tactics of power and control in “The Prince” and “Animal Farm.”
  • The Art of Influence: Learn the secrets of persuasion with “The Art of Seduction” and “Influence.”

But wait, there’s more!

  • Protect Yourself: Equip yourself with knowledge from “Who’s Pulling Your Strings?” and “Social Engineering.”
  • Master the Mind: Discover the psychology behind manipulation with “Read People Like a Book” and “Influence.”

So, ditch the feeling of being outplayed and dive into this treasure trove of knowledge. You’ll gain the wisdom to not only identify manipulation but also use it ethically and effectively, becoming a master of your own choices and interactions.


1. The 48 Laws of Power by Robert Greene

The 48 Laws of Power
The 48 Laws of Power
Robert Greene Business 1998
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Dive into the world of power dynamics with “The 48 Laws of Power” by Robert Greene. This manipulation book offers profound insights into manipulation across diverse social settings. Explore the strategies and tactics employed by influential figures throughout history. Discover how to navigate complex power structures and wield influence effectively.

2. The Art of Seduction by Robert Greene

Unveil the artistry behind seduction and manipulation in personal relationships with Robert Greene’s “The Art of Seduction.” Delve into the psychology and strategies that captivate and influence others. From subtle charms to overt maneuvers, this book offers a comprehensive guide to mastering the art of seduction. Elevate your interpersonal skills and deepen your understanding of human behavior.

3. In Sheep’s Clothing: Understanding and Dealing With Manipulative People by George K. Simon Jr.

Gain valuable insights into manipulative behavior with “In Sheep’s Clothing” by George K. Simon Jr. This insightful book sheds light on the subtle tactics used by manipulative individuals in interpersonal interactions. Learn to recognize manipulation early and effectively navigate challenging situations. Equip yourself with practical strategies for dealing with manipulative behavior. Empower yourself with the knowledge to maintain healthy relationships.


4. 30 Covert Emotional Manipulation Tactics: How Manipulators Take Control In Personal Relationships by Adelyn Birch

Uncover the covert tactics of emotional manipulation with Adelyn Birch’s “30 Covert Emotional Manipulation Tactics.” This enlightening manipulation book exposes the subtle yet powerful methods manipulators use to assert control in personal relationships. Learn to identify manipulation patterns and safeguard your emotional well-being. Arm yourself with the knowledge to resist manipulation and foster healthier connections.


5. Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion by Robert B. Cialdini

Explore the profound insights of persuasion psychology with “Influence” by Robert B. Cialdini. Delving into the intricacies of human behavior, this manipulation book unveils the psychological principles behind effective persuasion. Gain a deeper understanding of the factors that influence decision-making and behavior. Whether in business, marketing, or everyday interactions, master the art of persuasion and influence. Enhance your persuasive skills and achieve your goals with this seminal work.


6. The Laws of Human Nature by Robert Greene

Embark on a journey of self-discovery and understanding with Robert Greene’s “The Laws of Human Nature.” Analyzing the complexities of human behavior, this manipulation book reveals the forces that shape our actions and interactions. Gain invaluable insights into the underlying motivations and patterns that govern human nature. From relationships to professional endeavors, unlock the secrets to navigating social dynamics with wisdom and insight. Upgrade your understanding of human behavior and harness it to achieve success.


7. Dark Psychology and Manipulation: Discover 40 Covert Emotional Manipulation Techniques, Mind Control, Brainwashing. Learn How to Analyze People, NLP Secret … Effect, Subliminal Influence Book 1) by William Cooper

Delve into the shadowy world of dark psychology and manipulation with William Cooper’s “Dark Psychology and Manipulation.” This manipulation book is a comprehensive guide that unveils 40 covert techniques used for emotional manipulation, mind control, and subliminal influence. Learn to analyze people effectively and protect yourself from psychological manipulation. Whether for self-defense or academic curiosity, this book provides valuable insights into the darker aspects of human behavior.

8. Who’s Pulling Your Strings? How to Break the Cycle of Manipulation and Regain Control of Your Life  by Harriet B. Braiker

– Take control of your life and break free from manipulation with Harriet B. Braiker’s “Who’s Pulling Your Strings?” This empowering book offers strategies to recognize and overcome manipulation in various aspects of your life. Learn how to regain autonomy and assertiveness while navigating manipulative tactics. With practical advice and insightful guidance, reclaim your power and live life on your own terms.

9. The Art Of Manipulation: How to Get Anybody to Do What You Want  by Omar Johnson

Master the art of persuasion and manipulation with Omar Johnson’s “The Art Of Manipulation.” This book about manipulation unveils powerful techniques to influence others and achieve your desired outcomes. Whether in personal relationships or professional settings, learn how to sway opinions and behaviors effectively. From subtle persuasion to overt manipulation, this book provides the tools to get what you want.

10. Dark Psychology: (3 Books in 1): Manipulation and Dark Psychology; Persuasion and Dark Psychology; Dark NLP. The Definitive Guide to Detect and Defend Yourself from Dark Psychology Secrets by Jonathan Mind

Explore the depths of dark psychology with Jonathan Mind’s comprehensive guide. This trilogy delves into manipulation, persuasion, and dark NLP techniques, offering insights to detect and defend against psychological manipulation. Arm yourself with knowledge and strategies to safeguard your mind and navigate the complexities of human behavior. Whether for self-defense or academic curiosity, this book about manipulation is your definitive guide that provides invaluable insights into the secrets of dark psychology.

11. The Art of War  by Sun Tzu

The Art of War 1
The Art of War
Sun Tzu History 1774
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– Delve into the timeless wisdom of strategy and manipulation with Sun Tzu’s “The Art of War.” This masterpiece among the classic books about manipulation offers profound insights into the principles of warfare and strategic thinking. From tactical maneuvers to psychological warfare, learn how to outmaneuver your adversaries and achieve victory. Whether in battle or in business, apply the teachings of Sun Tzu to navigate complex situations with finesse and intelligence.

12. Fairest (The Lunar Chronicles, #3.5) by Marissa Meyer

“Fairest” by Marissa Meyer is one of the most powerful books about manipulators where manipulation and intrigue meet. Set in the enchanting universe of The Lunar Chronicles, this book unravels the backstory of one of the series’ most enigmatic characters. Dive into a tale of ambition, deception, and the quest for power as you explore the complexities of manipulation in a futuristic realm. Whether a fan of the series or a newcomer, this spellbinding narrative is a must read.

13. Emotional Blackmail: When the People in Your Life Use Fear, Obligation, and Guilt to Manipulate You  by Susan Forward

Break free from emotional manipulation with Susan Forward’s “Emotional Blackmail.” This insightful book about manipulation sheds light on the tactics used by manipulators to control others through fear, obligation, and guilt. Learn to recognize manipulation patterns and reclaim your autonomy in relationships. With practical advice and empowering strategies, navigate the complexities of emotional manipulation and foster healthier connections.

14. The Prince  by Niccolò Machiavelli

Explore the Machiavellian principles of manipulation and power with Niccolò Machiavelli’s “The Prince.” This timeless classic offers a pragmatic guide to political manipulation and governance. Delve into the strategies employed by historical figures to achieve and maintain power. Whether for scholarly study or practical application, uncover the secrets of effective leadership and manipulation.

15. Manipulation Techniques: The Ultimate Guide to Influence People with Persuasion, NLP, Dark Psychology, Emotional Intelligence, Mind Control and How to Manage Your Emotions by Daniel Brain

Master the art of manipulation with Daniel Brain’s comprehensive guide. This book about manipulation offers an in-depth exploration of manipulation techniques, including persuasion, NLP, dark psychology, and emotional intelligence. Learn to influence others and manage your emotions effectively. Whether for personal growth or professional development, unlock the secrets to mastering manipulation.

16. Dark Psychology: Learn the Practical Uses and Defenses of Manipulation, Emotional Influence, Persuasion, Deception, Mind Control, Covert NLP, Brainwashing, and Other Secret Techniques  by Victor Sykes

Delve into the practical applications and defenses of dark psychology with Victor Sykes’ book about manipulation. This comprehensive guide explores manipulation, emotional influence, persuasion, and other covert techniques used to control behavior. Learn to identify manipulation tactics and defend yourself against psychological manipulation. Whether for self-defense or academic curiosity, this book provides valuable insights into the darker aspects of human behavior.

17. Dark Psychology 101: Learn The Secrets Of Covert Emotional Manipulation, Dark Persuasion, Undetected Mind Control, Mind Games, Deception, Hypnotism, Brainwashing And Other Tricks Of The Trade by Michael Pace

Unlock the secrets of covert manipulation with Michael Pace’s book about manipulation. This comprehensive guide offers insights into emotional manipulation, dark persuasion, mind control, and other deceptive techniques. Learn to recognize and defend against manipulation tactics in various aspects of your life. Whether for personal growth or self-defense, empower yourself with the knowledge to navigate the complexities of human behavior.

18. Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn

Immerse yourself in the gripping narrative of “Gone Girl” by Gillian Flynn. This paperback edition transports readers into a world of suspense and manipulation. Follow the twists and turns of a marriage gone awry as secrets unravel and hidden agendas come to light. With its intricate plot and complex characters, “Gone Girl” keeps readers on the edge of their seats until the very end.

19. Art of Manipulation: How to Get What You Want Out of People in Business, in Your Personal Life, and in Your Love Life by R.B. Sparkman

Unlock the secrets of manipulation with R.B. Sparkman’s “Art of Manipulation.” Another intriguing addition to the books about manipulation that offers practical insights into influencing others in various aspects of life. Whether in business negotiations, personal relationships, or matters of the heart, learn the art of persuasion and manipulation. With its comprehensive approach, this book equips readers with the tools to achieve their desired outcomes.

20. The Gaslight Effect: How to Spot and Survive the Hidden Manipulation Others Use to Control Your Life  by Robin Stern

Navigate the subtle tactics of manipulation with Robin Stern’s “The Gaslight Effect.” In this paperback edition, readers learn to recognize and combat the hidden forms of control that impact their lives. Gain insight into gaslighting techniques and empower yourself to assert boundaries and maintain autonomy. With its illuminating perspective, this book sheds light on the dynamics of manipulation and offers strategies for self-preservation.


21. How to Win Friends and Influence People  by Dale Carnegie

Discover the timeless wisdom of interpersonal influence with Dale Carnegie’s “How to Win Friends and Influence People.” Another most popular addition to this list of books about manipulation. It provides practical advice for building meaningful connections and persuading others effectively. Learn the art of communication, empathy, and rapport-building to achieve success in both personal and professional spheres. With its enduring principles, this book remains a cornerstone of interpersonal effectiveness.

22. How to Lie with Statistics  by Darrell Huff

Explore the nuances of statistical manipulation with Darrell Huff’s “How to Lie with Statistics.” In this manipulation book, readers uncover the deceptive tactics used to distort information and sway opinions. Learn to discern fact from fiction and critically evaluate numerical data. With its accessible approach and illustrative examples, this book equips readers with the skills to navigate the sea of statistical information in today’s world.

23. Mexican Gothic  by Silvia Moreno-Garcia

Immerse yourself in the haunting world of “Mexican Gothic” by Silvia Moreno-Garcia. This manipulation book transports readers to a remote Mexican mansion where dark secrets and manipulation lurk in the shadows. Experience a tale of mystery and suspense as a young woman unravels the sinister forces at play. With its atmospheric prose and chilling narrative, “Mexican Gothic” captivates readers until the final page.

24. The Concise 48 Laws of Power  by Robert Greene

Delve into the succinct wisdom of power dynamics with Robert Greene’s “The Concise 48 Laws of Power.” Another masterpiece piece among Robert Greene’s books about manipulation where readers discover the core principles of manipulation and influence distilled into concise chapters. From strategy to execution, learn to wield power effectively in various contexts. With its pragmatic insights, this manipulation book serves as a valuable guide for navigating the complexities of human interaction.

25. What Every Body is Saying: An Ex-FBI Agent’s Guide to Speed-Reading People  by Joe Navarro

Decode the language of nonverbal communication with Joe Navarro’s “What Every Body is Saying.” In this manipulation book, readers learn to interpret the subtle cues and gestures that reveal hidden thoughts and intentions. Gain insights from an ex-FBI agent into the art of speed-reading people and navigating social interactions with ease. With its practical tips and real-world examples, it’s yet another powerful read among the many books about manipulation which empowers readers to enhance their interpersonal skills.

26. Things Have Gotten Worse Since We Last Spoke by Eric LaRocca

Immerse yourself in the surreal world of “Things Have Gotten Worse Since We Last Spoke” by Eric LaRocca. In this manipulation book, readers embark on a journey of psychological manipulation and obsession. Experience a tale of love and loss, told through a series of haunting correspondence. With its evocative prose and eerie atmosphere, this manipulation book challenges perceptions and leaves a lasting impression.

27. Animal Farm (Mass Market Paperback) by George Orwell

Explore the allegorical tale of power and manipulation with George Orwell’s “Animal Farm.” This masterpiece among books about manipulation, transports readers to a farm where animals overthrow their human oppressors, only to succumb to their own internal struggles for power. Through vivid symbolism, Orwell critiques political manipulation and totalitarianism, offering a cautionary tale for generations to come. With its timeless relevance, “Animal Farm” remains a poignant commentary on the nature of power and corruption.

28. The 33 Strategies of War by Robert Greene

Dive into the art of strategic manipulation with Robert Greene’s “The 33 Strategies of War.” This insightful book about manipulation offers readers a comprehensive guide to understanding and employing tactics of warfare in various aspects of life. Learn to navigate conflicts, outmaneuver adversaries, and achieve your objectives with strategic precision. With its timeless wisdom and practical advice, this manipulation book equips readers with the tools to conquer challenges and emerge victorious.

29. Never Split the Difference: Negotiating as if Your Life Depended on It by Chris Voss

Master the art of negotiation with Chris Voss’ “Never Split the Difference.” Another masterpiece among books about manipulation which teaches strategies for achieving favorable outcomes in negotiations, whether in business, personal, or high-stakes situations. Drawing from real-life experiences as a former FBI negotiator, Voss shares invaluable insights into the psychology of persuasion and influence. With its actionable techniques and riveting anecdotes, this manipulation book empowers readers to negotiate with confidence and success.

30. The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes (The Hunger Games, #0) by Suzanne Collins

Immerse yourself in the dystopian world of “The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes” by Suzanne Collins. As a prequel to the acclaimed Hunger Games trilogy, this book delves into the origins of the captivating saga. Journey back to the early days of Panem and witness the events that shaped its future. With its rich storytelling and compelling characters, this book offers a thrilling exploration of power, manipulation, and rebellion.

31. The Queen of Nothing (The Folk of the Air, #3) by Holly Black

Conclude the mesmerizing saga of The Folk of the Air with Holly Black’s “The Queen of Nothing.” In this thrilling conclusion, readers are drawn deeper into the world of Faerie, where alliances are tested and loyalties are questioned. Follow Jude’s journey as she navigates the treacherous political landscape of the fae realm and confronts the manipulative schemes of those around her. With its intricate plot twists and vivid imagery, this book delivers a satisfying conclusion to a captivating series.

32. Network Propaganda: Manipulation, Disinformation, and Radicalization in American Politics by Yochai Benkler

Explore the dynamics of propaganda and manipulation in American politics with Yochai Benkler’s “Network Propaganda.” In this insightful book, readers gain a deeper understanding of how information spreads and influences public opinion in the digital age. From disinformation campaigns to echo chambers, Benkler examines the ways in which media networks shape political discourse and radicalize audiences. With its rigorous analysis and thought-provoking insights, this book sheds light on the challenges of navigating an increasingly polarized media landscape.

33. The Art of Persuasion: The Language of Influence and Manipulation by Andrzej Batko

Master the nuances of persuasive communication with Andrzej Batko’s “The Art of Persuasion.” In this illuminating book, readers learn how language can be used to influence and manipulate others effectively. Explore the psychology behind persuasive techniques and learn to craft compelling messages that resonate with your audience. With its practical advice and real-world examples, this book empowers readers to harness the power of persuasion in their personal and professional lives.

34. A Court of Thorns and Roses (A Court of Thorns and Roses, #1) by Sarah J. Maas

Enter a world of enchantment and intrigue with Sarah J. Maas’ “A Court of Thorns and Roses.” In this captivating fantasy tale, readers are transported to the faerie realm of Prythian, where mortal and immortal worlds collide. Follow Feyre Archeron’s journey as she navigates the treacherous politics of the fae courts and confronts dark forces threatening to tear her world apart. With its richly drawn characters and lush world-building, this book captivates readers from beginning to end.

35. A Court of Mist and Fury (A Court of Thorns and Roses, #2) by Sarah J. Maas

Continue the epic saga of Sarah J. Maas’ “A Court of Thorns and Roses” with “A Court of Mist and Fury.” In this thrilling sequel, Feyre Archeron embarks on a journey of self-discovery and redemption as she navigates the consequences of her choices. From the dazzling courts of Prythian to the dark depths of the Night Court, follow Feyre as she confronts her past and embraces her destiny. With its sweeping romance and epic battles, this book immerses readers in a world of magic, danger, and adventure.

36. Othello by William Shakespeare

Experience the timeless tragedy of jealousy and manipulation with William Shakespeare’s “Othello.” In this classic play, readers are drawn into a web of deceit and betrayal as the noble Moor, Othello, falls victim to the machinations of his ensign, Iago. Explore themes of love, power, and deception as the characters grapple with their own desires and insecurities. With its masterful storytelling and complex characters, “Othello” remains a riveting exploration of human nature and the destructive forces of jealousy.

37. Social Engineering by Christopher Hadnagy

Gain insight into the art of social manipulation with Christopher Hadnagy’s “Social Engineering.” In this enlightening manipulation book, readers learn how hackers and manipulators exploit human psychology to gain access to sensitive information and manipulate individuals. From phishing scams to pretexting, explore the tactics used to deceive and manipulate targets in various contexts. With its practical advice and real-world case studies, this book about manipulation equips readers with the knowledge to recognize and defend against social engineering attacks.

38. Torment: Part Two (The Bleeding Hearts, #2) by Dylan Page

Continue the thrilling saga of “The Bleeding Hearts” with Dylan Page’s “Torment: Part Two.” In this gripping sequel, readers are drawn deeper into a world of suspense, intrigue, and manipulation. Follow the captivating characters as they navigate the dark forces that threaten to tear them apart. With its suspenseful plot twists and complex relationships, “Torment: Part Two” keeps readers on the edge of their seats until the very end.

39. Mastering the Puppeteer’s Game: The Psychology and Strategies of Manipulation: Unmask the dark art of psychological influence, and reclaim your autonomy by Sana Raza

Unravel the secrets of psychological manipulation with Sana Raza’s “Mastering the Puppeteer’s Game.” In this book about manipulation, readers delve into the psychology and strategies behind manipulation, empowering themselves to reclaim autonomy and assertiveness. From recognizing manipulation tactics to building resilience against them, this manipulation book offers practical guidance for navigating the complexities of human interaction.

40. Liars Like Us (Morally Gray, #1) by J.T. Geissinger

Enter a world of moral ambiguity and manipulation with J.T. Geissinger’s “Liars Like Us.” In this captivating tale, readers are immersed in a web of deceit, desire, and dangerous liaisons. Follow the morally gray characters as they navigate treacherous waters where lies and secrets abound. With its unpredictable plot twists and complex characters, “Liars Like Us” keeps readers guessing until the very end.

41. The Wrong Bride (The Windsors, #1) by Catharina Maura

Experience the drama and deception of royal intrigue with Catharina Maura’s “The Wrong Bride.” In this enchanting tale, readers are transported to a world of opulence and manipulation within the Windsor family. Follow the twists and turns of a royal wedding gone awry as secrets unravel and true intentions are revealed. With its gripping plot and captivating characters, “The Wrong Bride” captivates readers from beginning to end.

42. God of Malice (Legacy of Gods, #1) by Rina Kent

Embark on a journey of dark romance and manipulation with Rina Kent’s “God of Malice.” In this enthralling tale, readers are drawn into a world where gods and mortals collide in a dangerous game of power and desire. Follow the forbidden romance between divine beings and mortal souls as they navigate treacherous alliances and deadly secrets. With its steamy romance and captivating mythology, “God of Malice” keeps readers spellbound until the very end.

43. Things I Wanted to Say, But Never Did (Lancaster Prep, #1) by Monica Murphy

Explore the complexities of teenage relationships and manipulation with Monica Murphy’s “Things I Wanted to Say, But Never Did.” In this compelling tale set in the prestigious Lancaster Prep, readers follow the lives of privileged teens as they navigate love, betrayal, and the pressures of social expectations. With its relatable characters and realistic portrayal of teenage angst, “Things I Wanted to Say, But Never Did” resonates with readers of all ages.

44. Even If It Hurts (Coastal Elite #1) by Sam Mariano

Immerse yourself in the emotionally charged world of “Even If It Hurts” by Sam Mariano. In this gripping tale, readers are drawn into a tumultuous romance fraught with manipulation, passion, and betrayal. Follow the compelling characters as they navigate the complexities of love and loyalty in the cutthroat world of coastal elites. With its intense emotional depth and riveting plot twists, “Even If It Hurts” captivates readers until the very end.

45. Read People Like a Book: How to Analyze, Understand, and Predict People’s Emotions, Thoughts, Intentions, and Behaviors (How to be More Likable and Charismatic Book 1) by Patrick King

Enhance your understanding of human behavior and manipulation with Patrick King’s “Read People Like a Book.” In this insightful book about manipulation, readers learn practical strategies for analyzing, understanding, and predicting the emotions, thoughts, intentions, and behaviors of others. From deciphering body language to interpreting verbal cues, this book equips readers with the skills to navigate social interactions with confidence and insight. With its actionable advice and real-world examples, “Read People Like a Book” empowers readers to become more likable and charismatic in their personal and professional lives.


46. Influence: Science and Practice by Robert Cialdini

Delve into the science of influence with Robert Cialdini’s “Influence: Science and Practice 5th Edition.” This comprehensive guide explores the psychological principles behind persuasion and how they can be applied in various contexts. From marketing strategies to personal interactions, gain valuable insights into the factors that shape human behavior and decision-making. With its updated content and practical examples, this book about manipulation equips readers with the knowledge and tools to navigate the complexities of influence effectively.

47. Once Upon a Broken Heart (Once Upon a Broken Heart, #1) by Stephanie Garber

Immerse yourself in a world of enchantment and manipulation with Stephanie Garber’s “Once Upon a Broken Heart.” In this captivating tale, readers are transported to the magical kingdom of Valenda, where wishes come true and hearts are broken. Follow the journey of Evangeline Fox as she embarks on a quest to mend her broken heart and uncover the secrets of the mysterious Prince of Hearts. With its lush prose and spellbinding storytelling, “Once Upon a Broken Heart” enchants readers from beginning to end.

48. Surrounded by Psychopaths: How to Protect Yourself from Being Manipulated and Exploited in Business (and in Life) by Thomas Erikson

Arm yourself with knowledge and insight to protect against manipulation with Thomas Erikson’s “Surrounded by Psychopaths.” In this insightful book about manipulators, readers learn to recognize and defend against the tactics used by psychopaths and manipulators in business and life. From gaslighting to emotional manipulation, Erikson provides practical strategies for safeguarding your well-being and maintaining autonomy. With its actionable advice and real-life examples, this book about manipulation empowers readers to navigate the complexities of human behavior with confidence and resilience.

49. Untouchable (Untouchables, #1) by Sam Mariano

Enter a world of danger and desire with Sam Mariano’s “Untouchable.” In this captivating tale of forbidden romance and manipulation, readers are drawn into the tumultuous relationship between the daughter of a mafia boss and the man tasked with protecting her. Follow the twists and turns of their tumultuous relationship as they navigate loyalty, betrayal, and dangerous alliances. With its intense emotional depth and gripping plot twists, “Untouchable” keeps readers on the edge of their seats until the very end.

50. Wicked Games (Dark Obsession Trilogy #1) by Zoe Blake

Surrender to temptation and intrigue with Zoe Blake’s “Wicked Games.” In this steamy tale of passion and manipulation, readers are transported to a world where desire knows no bounds. Follow the forbidden romance between a dark and mysterious stranger and a woman ensnared in a web of deceit and danger, where every move is a gamble and trust is a luxury they can’t afford.



So, are you ready to become a master of the mental game? Do you want to see through manipulative tactics and even wield them ethically for your own good? This journey through books about manipulation has merely scratched the surface. Remember, knowledge is power, and these 50 titles just opened the door to a vast library of wisdom.

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