Ankur Warikoo Books: Your Roadmap to Personal Growth and Financial Mastery

Whether you’re an aspiring entrepreneur, a dreamer looking for guidance, or simply someone seeking a fresh perspective on life, Ankur Warikoo’s books are a must-read! Let his words ignite your passion, push your boundaries, and empower you to embrace your true potential!

Ankur Warikoo Books: Your Roadmap to Personal Growth and Financial Mastery

Ankur Warikoo, a prominent Indian entrepreneur, motivational speaker, and internet personality, has captivated audiences across India with his insightful reflections on personal development, entrepreneurship, and leadership. Renowned for his profound, witty, and unapologetically honest insights, Ankur’s work has solidified his status as one of the country’s foremost personal brands.

In his debut book, Ankur delves into the fundamental concepts that have shaped his remarkable journey. From his childhood dream of becoming a space engineer to his current role as a content creator reaching millions, Ankur shares his perspectives on cultivating lasting habits for success, mastering money management, embracing failure, and understanding empathy.

Co-founder of Nearbuy (formerly Groupon India), Ankur has also made a mark through his engaging social media presence, where he imparts valuable life lessons and motivational content. His posts cover topics such as self-improvement, goal-setting, and overcoming life’s challenges.

Ankur is not only an entrepreneur but also a sought-after speaker, delivering impactful talks and workshops on business growth, leadership, and career development. Known for his down-to-earth approach and ability to connect with audiences, Ankur inspires individuals to realize their full potential.

Through his books, Ankur Warikoo has emerged as a leading voice in the Indian startup ecosystem, serving as a beacon of inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs and professionals alike.

So, let’s dive in and explore the national best-seller author Ankur Warikoo books, which have been transforming lives across the country!

Do Epic Shit

Are you tired of feeling stuck in the ordinary? Craving a life filled with passion, purpose, and achievement? Look no further than Ankur Warikoo’s “Do Epic Shit” – a wake-up call to unleash your inner fire and chase your wildest dreams.

Do Epic Shit
Do Epic Shit
Ankur Warikoo Habits 2021
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This book isn’t just about lofty aspirations; it’s about igniting the spark within you. Think of it as a pep talk from a friend who’s been there, done that, and emerged with stories and wisdom to share.

This book is not just a one-time read but a timeless resource that encourages readers to revisit its pages. Each line is thought-provoking, inviting readers to reflect and ponder deeply. It’s the kind of book you’ll want to share with your loved ones and even strangers, as Ankur aspires for it to become one of the most gifted books ever.

Ankur’s debut book is a testament to his passion for sharing knowledge and inspiring others to live their best lives.

Forget the self-help fluff, Warikoo dives right into real-life experiences, both triumphs and failures. He doesn’t shy away from sharing his own vulnerabilities, making his message relatable and inspiring.

Here’s a taste of what you’ll discover:

  • Finding your “epic shit”: What truly sets your soul on fire? Discover your unique path and stop chasing someone else’s dream.
  • Embracing failure: Learn to see setbacks as stepping stones, not roadblocks. Warikoo’s personal stories prove that failure is often the best teacher.
  • Building resilience: Life throws punches, but you can stand tall. Develop the mental toughness to overcome challenges and bounce back stronger.
  • Taking action: Stop dreaming, start doing! Practical tips and exercises help you translate ideas into reality and move from planning to execution.
  • Living fully: It’s not just about achieving goals; it’s about embracing the journey. Learn to prioritize happiness, build meaningful relationships, and savor the present moment.

But is it for you?

If you’re ready to:

  • Break free from limitations
  • Embrace your true potential
  • Start living a life that excites you

Then “Do Epic Shit” is your invitation to the adventure.

Remember, this book is a starting point, not a magic formula. Adapt Warikoo’s insights to your own journey and make them your own. “Do Epic Shit” is a spark waiting to ignite your passion and propel you towards a life brimming with meaning and fulfillment.

Get Epic Shit Done

Feeling stuck in neutral, dreams gathering dust on the shelf? Ankur Warikoo’s “Get Epic Shit Done” is here to jumpstart your engine and propel you towards achieving what truly matters.

Forget just thinking big – this book is your action manual. Forget vague aspirations – this book helps you define your “epic shit” with laser focus.

“Do Epic Shit” sparked introspection.

“Get Epic Shit Done” ignites action!

During his college days, Ankur found a book that contained solutions to the past 10 years’ exam papers, which proved invaluable for his exam preparation.

shit done
Get Epic Shit Done
Ankur Warikoo Self Help 2022
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In his second book, he aims to craft a similar guide but for life itself.

Structured as a dialogue between a student and a mentor, “Get Epic Shit Done” addresses 36 common life queries that individuals encounter regularly and urgently seek answers to.


This book is not merely an inspirational read; it is a practical guide that promises to tangibly enhance your daily life experiences.

Imagine a mentor by your side, guiding you through 36 crucial questions about goal setting, productivity, and overcoming hurdles. Written in an engaging, conversational style, Warikoo tackles procrastination, self-doubt, and time management head-on, offering practical tools and strategies to conquer them all in this book.

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • Actionable frameworks: Break down massive goals into manageable steps.
  • Prioritization techniques: Identify your Most Important Task (MIT) and laser-focus on it.
  • Time management hacks: Master techniques like timeboxing and the Pomodoro Technique.
  • Habit-building guidance: Create routines and systems for consistent progress.
  • Challenge-busting strategies: Develop resilience and learn from setbacks.

But is it for you?

This book shines for individuals seeking to:

  • Boost their productivity
  • Crush their goals
  • Live a more fulfilling life

However, if you prefer a formal, academic writing style or solely focus on professional development, this book might not be your perfect fit.

Remember, you are the driver. Adapt Warikoo’s advice to your unique situation and context. “Get Epic Shit Done” is not a magic formula, but it can be a powerful roadmap on your journey to turning dreams into reality.

Make Epic Money

Feeling lost in the world of finance? Yearning for financial freedom but unsure where to start? “Make Epic Money” by Ankur Warikoo might just be your roadmap to financial clarity and empowerment.

In his groundbreaking book “Do Epic Shit,” Ankur Warikoo revealed a profound truth: “Three relationships determine our life’s course – time, money, and ourselves.”

Now, in his highly anticipated third book, “Make Epic Money,” he delves deep into the intricate world of finances to present you with the ultimate personal-finance blueprint. Drawing on a lifetime of financial ups and downs, he shares invaluable insights about money that he wishes he had learned earlier in life.

This Ankur Warikoo book, aimed primarily at Gen Z and Millennials in India, cuts through the complex jargon and confusing advice typically associated with personal finance. Written in Warikoo’s signature engaging and conversational style, it feels like a chat with a savvy friend sharing their hard-won knowledge. This book unlocks the secrets to financial well-being with this straightforward guide. Bid farewell to bewildering jargon and embrace practical advice. Learn how to earn, spend, and invest your money wisely, ensuring that your money works as hard for you as you do for it.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • Building the foundation: Master essential financial concepts like budgeting, saving, and investing, explained in simple, relatable terms.
  • Investing simplified: Navigate the world of stocks, mutual funds, and other investment options with practical advice and real-life examples.
  • Beyond the basics: Explore wealth-building strategies, delve into passive income ideas, and learn how to make your money work for you.
  • Charting your path: Discover different paths to financial freedom, from early retirement to achieving financial independence, and find one that aligns with your dreams and values.
  • More than just money: Understand the link between money and your overall well-being, and learn how to cultivate a healthy relationship with finances.

Is this book for you?

If you’re:

  • Young and starting out on your financial journey
  • Lost in the maze of financial advice and unsure what to do
  • Seeking actionable steps to take control of your finances
  • Looking for a relatable and engaging guide to personal finance

Then “Make Epic Money” could be one of those Ankur Warikoo books that’d prove to be your key to unlocking a brighter financial future.


Ready to embark on a journey of personal development and finance with Ankur Warikoo books? All Do Epic Shit, Get Epic Shit Done and Make Epic Money offer powerful tools for personal growth and financial growth. Choose as per your needs and interests!

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