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Get Your Shit Together

Authors: Sarah Knight
Publishing Year: 2016
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What’s inside

When it comes to self-help narratives, one almost always thinks that the author will not be: calling your problems as piled up "shits" that you need to arrange, referring to you as chipmunks, making sexual jokes and innuendos.  This is what the insight does. It gives you meticulously constructed tips about getting your life (or as the author famously refers to it, shit) together. The insight has four essential parts that talk about different levels of shit (problems, if you may). This begins by giving us steps to start with. These steps start easy and slow, with her guiding us through our problems one by one. Now, this doesn't happen in a very preachy, calm and collected manner. The isight is based on the book "Get Your Shit Together", and in no way does this insight assume a formal position.  If you are sitting on your bed thinking about the pending things, then this insight is just the right choice. It will make you get up, finish the work that's pending, while also giving you countless advice on other domains.

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Lesson 1. You have your shit together? Think Again.


This insight is useless for you if you have everything in your life going just the way you want it to go. This feat is challenging to achieve because that is just how life is. Everything doesn't go the way you want it to go because life is never objectively good towards you. If you are one of those people who think that they have so much to do that they don't know where to start, or you don't realize that you have a lot to do unless worse comes to worst, or you are just lost all the time, this insight is for you. Sarah considers three personality types while explaining what kind of people need to be aided by this narrative. 

  1. Theodores: These are the people who are very sweet but naive. Theodores will allow others to go before them if there is a long queue. They are 10 minutes late for their cousin's funeral. They are very disorganized and really well-versed at forgetting where they keep their stuff. You will almost always see them running into their cabin with a toast in their mouth as they are never on time. 
  2. Alvins: Alvins have their shit together most of the time, but things take an ugly turn when it comes to planning for the future. If you know someone who has had their doorbell dysfunctional for over three months but they don't get it repaired because you can just tap on the door for them to open it, it is an Alvin's case. You can trust Alvins with many things, but their bosses tend to ease the responsibilities on their shoulders when it is a long-term project. They need to learn the mantra of planning at least a week prior to their goal deadline. 
  3. Simons: We come across people who are constantly the 'go-to' point of everyone. Do you need help with organizing the slides for a presentation? You go to a Simon. You want to organize a party but don't want to put efforts? You ask a Simon. You are an Alvin and want your doorbell repaired? You definitely call a Simon. Who are these Simons? They seem pretty industrious. Well, they are. Almost every day of theirs is spent in productivity. They are constantly working, are helping people in need and ace almost any outfit. They seem to be the people who have their shit together. Well, they don't because no one would ever consider doing things you were never meant to do and working for someone to whom

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Get Your Shit Together Book Cover
Chapter List
  • Lesson 1. You have your shit together? Think Again.
  • Lesson 2. The Three Steps
  • Lesson 3. Let us think Negatively
  • Lesson 4. Level 1
  • Lesson 5. Level 2
  • Lesson 6. Level 3
  • Lesson 7. Level 4
  • Lesson 8. We are Done: Just Small Things
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In the summary of Get Your Shit Together book, there are 8 key lessons. These lessons include:

  1. Lesson 1. You have your shit together? Think Again.
  2. Lesson 2. The Three Steps
  3. Lesson 3. Let us think Negatively
  4. Lesson 4. Level 1
  5. Lesson 5. Level 2
  6. Lesson 6. Level 3
  7. Lesson 7. Level 4
  8. Lesson 8. We are Done: Just Small Things

Get Your Shit Together by Sarah Knight was published in 2016.

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