The Millionaire Next Door

The Surprising Secrets of America’s Wealthy
People have always had fantastical ideas about millionaires. Who exactly is a millionaire according to society? It is definitely someone who wears a lot of expensive clothing, commutes in luxury vehicles, wears ornaments, and so on....
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Unfuck Yourself

Get Out of Your Head and Into Your Life
Life is always influenced by a lot of factors. When it comes to sticking to your principles and enhancing your lifestyle, you need to tell yourself what is good for you. You need to understand that your body does what you ask it to ...
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Get Your Shit Together

Author: Sarah Knight
When it comes to self-help narratives, one almost always thinks that the author will not be: calling your problems as piled up “shits” that you need to arrange, referring to you as chipmunks, making sexual jokes and innu...
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