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Unfuck Yourself

Get Out of Your Head and Into Your Life
Publishing Year: 2016
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Life is always influenced by a lot of factors. When it comes to sticking to your principles and enhancing your lifestyle, you need to tell yourself what is good for you. You need to understand that your body does what you ask it to do. Therefore, this insight is a guide that takes you through multiple areas where you might need to convince yourself that you can do this. Tell yourself that you have to do this, and you will be able to finish the task. You have to live with your achievements, so make sure that you achieve what you desire.

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Lesson 1. Do you feel defeated?

Life is hard for a lot of people. There are multiple external factors that affect your productivity. It could be your office, your relationship, your finances, and many more. Whenever something is not going well in your life, you feel defeated. But this becomes a problem when what belittles you is you, yourself. People judge you, and that is their work, but everything goes downhill when you start judging yourself. This internalized action of constantly feeling disgusted at yourself, or feeling as if you can only fail, is the worst enemy you can make. To put it simply, a lot of people resort to self-hate or demean themselves upon not achieving what they desire in life. These actions degrade you as a person, and you keep going farther away from your goal. 

If you feel something close to the following emotions, you are defeating yourself:

  1. You tell yourself that you are lazy, or not good enough.
  2. You keep working and never reach a result you are satisfied with.
  3. You are in a spiral of doubts about yourself and your abilities. 
  4. You are in a constant conflict with your mind.

All these emotions are just holding you back. They make you feel as if you are a hamster in a rotating wheel where your destination is visible, but you can’t reach it. If you have felt any of these, then you have to stop progressing in the path you have been in for a long time. This helplessness, is a symbol of the universe where it is asking you to control your self-defeating syndrome. 

You need not stop talking to yourself but try to talk to yourself in a manner that is not demeaning. This insight will guide you through the process of what you have to do in order to change the way you talk to yourself.

Lesson 2. Talking to yourself? Is it Sane?

People might consider the act of talking good to oneself a little strange. But it works the other way round. You are strange if you don’t talk to yourself. Talking to oneself doesn’t mean that you will look into the mirror and say, “I am the prettiest being in this universe”. You can definitely do this, but that is not the self-love this insight will be talking about. The self-talk from this insight increases the quality of your life and not your narcissism. 

The connection between how you talk to yourself and your life is essential.

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About the author

Gary John Bishop Image

Gary John Bishop, acclaimed author, delivers profound insights through his no-nonsense approach to personal development. His raw, unfiltered guidance empowers readers to overcome self-limiting beliefs. With a unique blend of wit and wisdom, he challenges an...

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Unfuck Yourself Book Cover
Chapter List
  • Lesson 1. Do you feel defeated?
  • Lesson 2. Talking to yourself? Is it Sane?
  • Lesson 3. Neuroplasticity
  • Lesson 4. Be Assertive
  • Lesson 5. The ‘But’ Phase
  • Lesson 6. Are you doing enough?
  • Lesson 7. Commit to your Statements
  • Lesson 8. You are Programmed only to Win
  • Lesson 9. Figure out your flaws 
  • Lesson 10. Perspectives
  • Lesson 11. You Have Got This
  • Lesson 12. A Cluster of Advice
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In the summary of Unfuck Yourself book, there are 12 key lessons. These lessons include:

  1. Lesson 1. Do you feel defeated?
  2. Lesson 2. Talking to yourself? Is it Sane?
  3. Lesson 3. Neuroplasticity
  4. Lesson 4. Be Assertive
  5. Lesson 5. The ‘But’ Phase
  6. Lesson 6. Are you doing enough?
  7. Lesson 7. Commit to your Statements
  8. Lesson 8. You are Programmed only to Win
  9. Lesson 9. Figure out your flaws 
  10. Lesson 10. Perspectives
  11. Lesson 11. You Have Got This
  12. Lesson 12. A Cluster of Advice

Unfuck Yourself by Gary John Bishop was published in 2016.

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