How To Be A Bawse

A Guide to Conquering Life
Author: Lilly Singh
Learn how to reclaim your life with this witty, sassy offering of a debutant author. How To Be A Bawse is equal parts motivating and sobering, dynamic and consistent. Lilly Singh, a successful YouTuber, talk show host and comedian, ...
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The Myth of Talent and the Power of Practice
Author: Matthew Syed
Matthew Syed, a former table tennis master talks about achievements and how they are misconstrued to be a product of genius. Syed tackles the dependence upon talent and instead presents the power of practice. He gives a wide range o...
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The Missing Guide to Craft a Winning Application and Study Abroad
This insight is an in-depth explanation of how to apply to a graduate school, focused primarily on the U.S. This insight attempts to walk you through every aspect of applying abroad such as shortlisting universities, writing essays ...
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How to Change Things When Change is Hard
Change has always been seen as something that is difficult to achieve and maintain. Chip and Dan Heath help in understanding why we struggle with change. They reveal that the primary problem with achieving change is the conflict tha...
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How to Control your Life and Choose Your Life
Author: Nir Eyal
It is easy enough to make a list of things that you want to do. The parts where most people struggle are when they have to actually sit down to start working on them. At such times it is not lack of motivation that holds people back...
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Do Epic Shit

Author: Ankur Warikoo
Do Epic Shit by Ankur Warikoo is a candid collection of advice that we all have heard and known in our lives. This book, then, serves as a gentle push to get out of our comfort zones and create a space for ourselves. The book discus...
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Author: Tara Westover
This book is a memoir, in which the author, Tara Westover, gives a walk through her life. It describes her struggles during childhood, and the steps she took to overcome such challenges. The book also sheds light on how she tried to...
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