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The Body

A Guide for Occupants
Authors: Bill Bryson
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In this book, Bill Bryson educates the general reader about how weirdly amazing the human body is, while exploring human anatomy. He starts with the basic atoms which give rise to life and explains how complex and yet marvellous human beings are. He describes the structure and function of various organs and remarks at the mysteries which the human body holds.

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Lesson 1. Elements - The building blocks.

The long lingering question of what makes a human body, wrecked the minds of renowned biologists for years, until the answer was revealed. The complex human anatomy was found to be an amalgamation of 59 elements. Six of these 59 elements- oxygen, hydrogen, carbon, nitrogen, calcium and phosphorus, accounted for almost 99 percent of the human body. But the remaining 53 are of equal importance as without them, it is almost impossible to build a human being. When the worth of a human being is calculated on the basis of these inexpensive elements, the amount would be merely over a couple hundred dollars. But the value of humans is far greater than this number, because the way these elements are combined to form human anatomy, is not something which can be produced in a laboratory. 

It has been researched and concluded that the probable cost behind the artificial creation of imminent personalities would be much higher. The book uses Benedict Cumberbatch as an example for this. But even the best biologists of the world coupled with all the essential elements, cannot reproduce human cells. That’s precisely why humans are looked upon as a magnificent creation. The human body contains billions of atoms. They are carefully structured to form the living component, cells. These cells, along with protein, D N A, R N A, mitochondria and other vitals, come together to form the human body. 

Evolution has been an inevitable part of humans as it is a widely accepted fact that we originated from a few cells in the ocean. One of the extraordinary components which tells a lot about a person is their DNA. It contains all the information about a person’s heredity since it is transferred from one generation to another during reproduction. Similarly, microbes, which comprise bacteria and viruses are necessary because they promote digestion. This digested food provides energy to the body for it to function efficiently. Our body contains some bad microbes which are known to cause diseases. However, the number of these microbes is relatively very small compared to the good ones.

Lesson 2. Brain - The mastermind, and the Head.

Even though 75 to 80 percent of our brain is composed of water, along with protein and fat to house the remaining space, it is known to be the most astounding feature of human anatomy. The texture of the brain is very soft and it’s covered by the strongest bone, the skull, in order to protect it from getting damaged. Brain cells, scientifically known as neurons, are different from normal bodily cells. These

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About the author

Bill Bryson, a prolific travel writer and humorist, charms readers with wit and curiosity in books like “A Walk in the Woods” and “Notes from a Small Island.” Known for blending travelogue with humour, Bryson’s captivating stor...

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The Body Book Cover
Chapter List
  • Lesson 1. Elements - The building blocks.
  • Lesson 2. Brain - The mastermind, and the Head.
  • Lesson 3. Five senses.
  • Lesson 4. Heart and Blood. 
  • Lesson 5. Hormones and immunity.
  • Lesson 6. Sleep.
  • Lesson 7. Pain, Diseases and Death.
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In the summary of The Body book, there are 7 key lessons. These lessons include:

  1. Lesson 1. Elements - The building blocks.
  2. Lesson 2. Brain - The mastermind, and the Head.
  3. Lesson 3. Five senses.
  4. Lesson 4. Heart and Blood. 
  5. Lesson 5. Hormones and immunity.
  6. Lesson 6. Sleep.
  7. Lesson 7. Pain, Diseases and Death.

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