Dopamine Nation

Finding Balance in the Age of Indulgence
Author: Anna Lembke
In “Dopamine Nation,” Dr. Anna Lembke explores the balance between pleasure and pain in a world of constant digital stimulation, using patient stories to illustrate how managing dopamine can lead to contentment and recov...
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The New Science of a Lost Art
Author: James Nestor
Genre: Health, Science
“Breath: The New Science of a Lost Art” explores the fundamental yet overlooked role of breathing in health and well-being. Authored by James Nestor, it delves into ancient breathing practices and modern scientific resea...
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The Hidden Life of Trees

What They Feel, How They Communicate - Discoveries from a Secret World
Author: Peter Wohlleben
Genre: immersive, Science
The Hidden Life of Trees: What They Feel, How They Communicate – Discoveries from a Secret World is a book written by Peter Wohlleben which was published in the year 2015. The book was originally published in German but follow...
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The Talent Code

Greatness Isn’t born. It’s grown. Here’s how
Author: Daniel Coyle
“The Talent Code”, regarded by many as one of the best books one could read in life, gives us a clear understanding of how skills are developed and how great personalities become great. The misunderstanding that people are born with...
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Deadliest Enemy

Our War Against Killer Germs
Dr Michael Osterholm is a world-renowned epidemiologist, and Mark Olshaker is a renowned author and an Emmy Award-winning documentary filmmaker. The readers learn about a wide range of serious diseases which can wreak havoc in human...
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What’s next in Gaming

Author: a16z Podcast
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Fast. Feast Repeat.

Author: Gin Stephens
Genre: Health, Science
Gin Stephens’ book offers the secret to developing the long-term fat-burning superpower – fasting. She explains why fasting is more potent than always being paranoid about calories. The book provides the reader with a complete guide...
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The Sixth Extinction

an Unnatural History
The Sixth Extinction is a book by the award winning journalist, Elizabeth Kolbert. The book studies the relationship between humans and the environment or nature. Scientists all over the world have been monitoring the sixth extincti...
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The Body

A Guide for Occupants
Author: Bill Bryson
In this book, Bill Bryson educates the general reader about how weirdly amazing the human body is, while exploring human anatomy. He starts with the basic atoms which give rise to life and explains how complex and yet marvellous hum...
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The Greatest Show on Earth

The Evidence for Evolution
Author: Richard Dawkins
Genre: Science
Richard Dawkins’ book takes on the creationist arguments rejecting theories of evolution. A 2008 Gallup poll revealed that 44 percent of Americans believe that man was created by God in our current form, around 10,000 years ago. The...
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