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Think Like a Monk

Train Your Mind for Peace and Purpose Every Day
Authors: Jay Shetty
Publishing Year: 2020
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What’s inside

Think Like a Monk includes a combination of ancient wisdom and the author’s personal experiences. It teaches us about detachment, purpose, rebellion, discipline, re-discovery and service. A monk needs to get rid of feelings of envy, bitterness, lust and anger to truly live a spiritually elevated life. Material aspirations and emotions only act as baggage to an individual without any form of enlightenment. Think Like a Monk shows how to clear roadblocks by overcoming fears and negative thoughts. This book teaches how one can apply a monk mindset to their lives. We need to let go of fears and external factors that hold us back from realizing our true potential. We also need to create space for growth. Shetty also talks about how one can restructure their life towards making conscious and confident choices. And lastly, he mentions the importance of expressing gratitude and sharing our gifts with the world. The author talks about his own experiences in the ashram when he was learning to be a monk. This book will perfectly help an individual to look at the world with purpose and clarity.

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LESSON 1: The basics of Monk-life.

We need to understand why we must think or try to be like a monk. Following a certain lifestyle is not necessary to be a certified monk. One must only follow the practices of a monk to achieve an enlightened mindset. A lot of things in the world motivate people to strive to be monks. Life is a rainbow wheel that is busy and noisy. It is filled with unwanted noise and distractions. Monks are those individuals who have the power to move away from the distracting noise and stay calm and composed. They aim to focus on individual thoughts - this is what keeps their head clear. 

We humans are always bothered about our perception and appearance. To think like a monk, we must not care about what others think of us. Instead, we must focus on ourselves. The more we care about the opinion of others, the more we lose control of our lives. It is also important to prioritize our values and morals, for they govern us and help us understand the true meaning of our lives. 

If we are asked about who we are, we would most likely be at a loss for words. Our identity is inscrutable to everyone, including ourselves. The author explains that finding out about the self is a painful and exhausting process. Confrontation with the self is said to one of the hardest things. Getting rid of past inhibitions allows us to get a clearer picture of ourselves. It will be easier to tame our mind once we know who we truly are. We must be compassionate, understanding, and wise, for our values to be positive. 

The activities we indulge in daily, are a clear indication of our beliefs and values. Our behavior, recreational activities and friend circle indicate the person we really are. We must question and evaluate our values. This will help us get determined and not let us fall prey to manipulation and strong opinions of those around us. 

LESSON 2: The effect of negativity.

Every day in our lives, we face some form of negativity. Consciously or subconsciously we are always complaining about something or the other that bothers us. We complain about our troubles at work, our friends, our partners, and various other things. We need to develop a culture of compassion. We must encourage self-compassion and self-forgiveness. Instead of dwelling on negative thoughts, we must focus on ourselves and the practice of encouragement. We must be resilient. If we are resilient, we can gradually groom

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Think Like a Monk Book Cover
Chapter List
  • LESSON 1: The basics of Monk-life.
  • LESSON 2: The effect of negativity.
  • LESSON 3: The impact of fear.
  • LESSON 4: Happiness and its pursuit.
  • LESSON 5: The importance of a routine.
  • LESSON 6: Understanding the mind.
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In the summary of Think Like a Monk book, there are 6 key lessons. These lessons include:

  1. LESSON 1: The basics of Monk-life.
  2. LESSON 2: The effect of negativity.
  3. LESSON 3: The impact of fear.
  4. LESSON 4: Happiness and its pursuit.
  5. LESSON 5: The importance of a routine.
  6. LESSON 6: Understanding the mind.

Think Like a Monk by Jay Shetty was published in 2020.

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