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Stop Pleasing, Start Living
Book by: Glennon Doyle
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‘Untamed’ is a memoir of the author Glennon Doyle. It is the author’s third memoir, following Love Warrior and Carry on, Warrior. The book talks about one’s deepest desires, the sexist societal norms, and many more. This New York Times best-seller is truly an inspirational story that is bound to bring about a change in your life.

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Lesson 1. Introduction.

The book, ‘Untamed’, talks about the story of a brave woman. To become truly happy, one has to let go of their insecurities and face their deepest fears.

There is a voice lurking inside most of us. We strive so hard to be good at everything we do. We hope all this striving will make us feel alive. Instead, it leaves us feeling tired and unhappy. 

We think of our lives and wonder if it was all that it was meant to be. We quickly silence that question, asking ourselves to be grateful. We hide our discontent, even from ourselves.

Untamed is both an intimate memoir and a wake-up call. It is the story of how a woman learned that a responsible mother is one who shows her children how to live fully. 

The story reminds us to trust ourselves enough to set boundaries and honor our anger and heartbreaks. It advocates us to unleash our truest, wildest instincts so that we can become the best versions of ourselves. 

Glennon decided to quit abandoning herself and to instead abandon the world’s expectations of her. She quit being good so she could be free. She quit pleasing others and started living for herself.

Lesson 2. Embracing her Sexuality.


Glennon Doyle had a loyal fan following. She was a Christian blogger and writer. Many of her fans used to rely on her support and counsel for their problems. Though Glennon always behaved like her marriage was great, in reality, it wasn’t.

She was in a troubled relationship with her husband, just like her followers. It seemed as if she had a perfect life and a great husband. But her marriage lacked a certain sense of spark. 

Glennon and her husband Craig were great co-parents. But their love life wasn’t so great, because she wasn’t attracted to him. 

Nevertheless, she published a book, called ‘Love Warrior.’ The book talked about how Glennon and her husband managed to deal with their issues and saved their marriage. 

While promoting her book, she had to attend many presentations and conferences. In one such conference, Glennon met a woman, who changed her life completely.

Her name was Abby Wambach. Abby was a retired soccer player. She was present at the conference to promote her memoir. While meeting and greeting everyone, Abby approached Glennon. 

Hugging her, Glennon felt like she had finally found something for herself. Abby made her feel alive. The two women had a lot in common. The chemistry

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About the author

Glennon Doyle Image

Glennon Doyle, a bestselling author and activist, has captivated readers with her raw and candid storytelling. Her books explore themes of authenticity, resilience, and empowerment, inspiring audiences to embrace their truth and live courageously in a compl...

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Untamed Book Cover
Chapter List
  • Lesson 1. Introduction.
  • Lesson 2. Embracing her Sexuality.
  • Lesson 3. Trapped in a Sexist Society.
  • Lesson 4. Coming out.
  • Lesson 5. Accepting the hard things.
  • Lesson 6. Live your life on your terms.
  • Lesson 7. Conclusion.
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In the summary of Untamed book, there are 7 key lessons. These lessons include:

  1. Lesson 1. Introduction.
  2. Lesson 2. Embracing her Sexuality.
  3. Lesson 3. Trapped in a Sexist Society.
  4. Lesson 4. Coming out.
  5. Lesson 5. Accepting the hard things.
  6. Lesson 6. Live your life on your terms.
  7. Lesson 7. Conclusion.

Untamed by Glennon Doyle was published in .

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