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Joy at Work

Organizing Your Professional Life
Publishing Year: 2020
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Joy at work: Organizing your Professional Life is an international bestseller, written by the Japanese author, consultant and TV host Marie Kondo in collaboration with Rice University business professor Scott Sonenshein. It managed to ignite a spark within all the readers owing to its different genre of focusing on organization. The main focus of the book deals with the principle of Konmari method. The Konmari method, a term which takes its name from the author Marie Kondo herself, deals with the decluttering of unnecessary items and organizing things in a tidy and structured manner. The method managed to strike a chord with the public so excellently because of its take on everyday important details; that Marie even managed to get her own reality show, ‘Tidying up with Marie Kondo’, on Netflix. In the book, the authors Marie Kondo and Scott Sonenshein point out various issues of disorganization and throw light on how the Konmari method can be used at the workplace for increased productivity and effective utilization of time.

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Lesson 1: The Konmari method

Konmari method is the process of eliminating all the unnecessary items and tidying up your home by organizing everything in a structured manner. It strongly emphasizes on the fact that through neatness and the organized system of things, we can bring about a change in our lives to feel more joyous and productive. Most of the time, due to our untidiness, we fail to find our misplaced things. We end up spending huge amounts of time searching for the misplaced things, which ultimately lead to loss of our valuable time, energy and productivity levels. In several cases, it might also lead to huge financial losses. Disorganization and untidiness leaves our mind in a confused state, making it extremely hard for us to concentrate on the rather important stuff. 

An important point in the Konmari process is piling up all the things before beginning to organize them. If you are planning to organize your wardrobe, only when you pile up the things would you know how many clothes you have. It becomes easy to check out each and every item and make the decision of how many sections you need to make.

As Marie suggests, when following the Konmari method, focus on organizing the things based on their size and frequency of use. Place the things you use everyday where you can see them and reach for freely. It is also vital that you complete organizing the things at one go, as you will be able to make quick and correct decisions regarding all the items. Procrastination of the process will not have any impactful results. You will need to put in extra energy and time in the process, but you won’t regret it because the result will make you feel accomplished nonetheless. 


Lesson 2: The Three Main questions of Organization

When trying to eliminate all the clutter and organize things, ask yourselves the following three questions.

  1. Is this item necessary? 
  2. Will this contribute anything in the future? 
  3. Does this spark joy?

If the item doesn’t answer positively to any of the above questions, it is time for you to either discard or donate it. But, mind you. There is an important point that you shouldn’t miss. The Konmari method strongly states that, before discarding the item, hold it in your hand and thank it for all the joy it has given you in the past. One should never fail to follow this step, as the process involves tapping into one’s emotions and expressing gratitude. Gratitude is a very important expression a person should

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About the author

Marie Kondo Image

Marie Kondo, a tidying consultant, advocates the KonMari Method, emphasizing joy-driven decluttering for harmonious living spaces.

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Joy at Work Book Cover
Chapter List
  • Lesson 1: The Konmari method
  • Lesson 2: The Three Main questions of Organization
  • Lesson 3:  Following the Konmari method at the Physical workspace
  • Lesson 5: Konmari Questions while organizing Digital Workspace
  • Lesson 6: Redefining Team meetings and Workspace
  • Lesson 7: Gaining Control over your Life and boosting Self Esteem
  • Lesson 8: Conclusion
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In the summary of Joy at Work book, there are 7 key lessons. These lessons include:

  1. Lesson 1: The Konmari method
  2. Lesson 2: The Three Main questions of Organization
  3. Lesson 3:  Following the Konmari method at the Physical workspace
  4. Lesson 5: Konmari Questions while organizing Digital Workspace
  5. Lesson 6: Redefining Team meetings and Workspace
  6. Lesson 7: Gaining Control over your Life and boosting Self Esteem
  7. Lesson 8: Conclusion

Joy at Work by Marie Kondo, Scott Sonenshein was published in 2020.

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