Author: Jake Knapp
Entrepreneurs and leaders face big questions every day: What’s the most important area to focus our effort on? What will our idea look like in real life? How do we start? How many meetings and discussions does it take before making ...
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Permanent Record

Author: Edward Snowden
Edward Snowden took the American establishment by storm when he blew the whistle on the mass systems of surveillance, deployed by the US government on its citizens, in 2013. Permanent Record is Snowden’s memoir that records his earl...
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Author: George Orwell
Published in 1949, 1984 is the last book by Orwell before his death. The term “Orwellian” has come to describe actions or organizations reminiscent of the totalitarian society depicted throughout the novel. The novel is ...
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Elon Musk – Tesla, SpaceX & the Quest...

Author: Ashlee Vance
“Elon Musk – Tesla, SpaceX & the Quest for a Fantastic Future” is the biography of the entrepreneur and businessman, Elon Musk, written by Ashlee Vance. It was published in 2015 and was on the Time’s Best Seller list for a good...
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Atomic Habits

Tiny Changes, Remarkable Results
Author: James Clear
‘Atomic Habits: An Easy & Proven Way to Build Good Habits & Break Bad Ones’, written by author James Clear is widely considered to be one of the most realistic and effective self-help books to be written. The author is mos...
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21 Lessons for the 21st Century

How can the human species survive a nuclear holocaust? Will AI and automated machines take over human activities? Will terrorism or rise of fake news threaten to tear us apart? How should we prepare our coming generations for the ch...
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Nobel Prize Winner on Rethinking Poverty (...

Author: HBR Ideacast
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Author: Michelle Obama
Becoming is the memoir of the former First lady, Michelle Obama. It is the inspirational story of one woman’s successful journey from the Chicago South Shore to the White House. The book, which was published in more than twenty four...
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